illusion of solitude
I am of the sea. I am of instability. I am of harsh, choppy waves roiling with all the up-ness, down-ness, top-ness, bottom-ness contained within my being. I am of charm and strange. Annihilation. Creation. Annihilation.
Evil is always possible. and goodness is eternally difficult.


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"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."
-Winston Churchhill


i think about that shushing trick Nico did in The Son of Neptune a lot. 


"Alright, smile for the camera!"


"…Come on, at least try to look like you’re having a good time.”

"But I am having a good time.."


That one time I was so obsessed with Cheerios my family got me this for my birthday.


I’m not sure what this girly is doing but I’m just trying out some new styles/characters for some children’s book ideas I have. #illustration #art #chubby #swimsuit #pool